Liberty Farm partners with several organizations to offer summer camp experiences.

Full Day Camps:

Full day camps at Liberty are designed to offer young riders age 6 to 13 a safe and fun introduction to the equestrian world. Riders are instructed in the basic foundations of the hunter jumper style with one lesson style riding experience per day and one more informal riding experience designed to build confidence and balance while having fun on horseback. Campers are taught basic anatomy and breeds and colors of the horse by participating in games. Horse handling, grooming, feeding and care of the horse are taught in small groups by experienced equestrians.

Campers also enjoy traditional camp games, scavenger hunts, arts and crafts, nature walks, and exploring the creek (as weather allows) to round out the camp experience. Kids in our regular riding program volunteer their time helping young riders in camp. Many of them started out as campers, and enjoy helping new riders feel confident and secure on horseback while developing their own leadership skills with new riders. Our full day camps end with a fun show for family members of campers to give them a chance to show of their new abilities.

Half Day Camps:

Half day camps are a more condensed version of the full day camp. Riders receive instruction in the basics of the hunter jumper style, with one day devoted to the fun, confidence and balance building fun ride. Horsemanship topics include anatomy, breeds and colors, handling, grooming, feeding and care of the horse. Although there is no show at the end of half day camps for families due to the condensed format, we do welcome families to come and observe their child at any point in the camp program and we always make time for photo opportunities.

Additional Programs:


Liberty Farm also offers special programming with our partner organizations to make days off school and spring and winter holidays more enjoyable with horse programming. Please check our schedule as dates are published as school schedules are available to us.

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