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Half Board

This level of care is designed for hardy horses that will participate in very limited showing. They are used either in the public lesson program or leased by a second rider. Boarders must schedule their rides in order to avoid conflict with the horses' teaching schedule. This level of board is designed as a stepping-stone between the public lesson program and full boarding. A rider can expect to progress to the cross rail level and be introduced to 2' jumps with this level of commitment.

Services are as follows:

  • Stall cleaned 6 days per week

  • Fed and watered twice daily

  • Water buckets cleaned twice per week

  • Turned out twice weekly in a herd with no boots and no grooming (more often if space and time allow, but no guarantee)

  • Only critical blanket adjustments

  • Only critical first aid administered

  • Participation in the Common Stock Supply Program

  • Use of the horse 3 days per week

  • Invitation to the Junior Competitive Edge Training program

  • Invitation to limited number of "away shows