Competitive Edge Training Program

Competitive Edge Training Programs are Liberty Farm's way of providing consistent instruction for riders at a manageable price. Each package includes one "training session" per week. A training session is either a training ride by a qualified professional, a private lesson or a semi private lesson.

These sessions are tailored to each horse/rider partnership to give them what they need to progress. If any of these sessions are missed they are made up, preferably within 30 days.

These programs also include participation in the Competitive Edge group lessons. These lessons are designed to guide the riders practice time in a productive manner. Riders often find that they have an incomplete understanding of concepts introduced in private lessons and that practicing these concepts incorrectly leads to more frustration and impedes progress. Group lessons allow riders to learn from each other and to get a lot more supervised riding time. These lessons are not made up if they are missed. If a rider misses more than a week of Competitive Edge lessons the partnership can be supplemented with an extra training session. Participation in these programs is ongoing not month to month. If a rider opts out of the program he/she must wait 4 months to rejoin.

The only difference between Junior Competitive Edge and Competitive Edge programs is the number of Competitive Edge groups allowed per week. In a full Competitive Edge package on a full-boarded horse participation is limited to 2 per week. Keep in mind that Competitive Edge group lessons are not made up and neither are lease days on half leased equines.

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